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I offer help for stressed mums who are feeling guilty, frustrated and emotional.

This can be new mums who are struggling with their first young babies, mums who are struggling with several children or dealing with difficult teenagers, all the way through to helping mums letting their grown-up babies leave the nest.

Help for mums surrey - Laurie Harvey

Help for mums surrey – Laurie Harvey

I see mum’s who are struggling, who think that they’re not good enough and not coping, because they don’t realise that they haven’t yet resolved/recovered from traumatic childbirth experiences. If this could be you, Cognitive Hypnotherapy may be able to help.

Being a mum is a journey like no other. No-one tells you what to expect because It’s different for everyone. Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everyone else is coping well and you’re not. If you’re comparing your days when you can’t leave the house because it’s too hard with smiling women pushing content babies around the shops – you’re not comparing like with like. We all have good days and bad days – please don’t compare your bad days with other people’s good days.

We’re all different and there are lots of different stages throughout a mum’s journey that can trip us up. If you’re comfort eating, drinking and shouting too much, these can be signs that you need some support.
To be the best mum you can be is like they tell you in the emergency instructions on an aircraft – you need to put on your own life-vest before putting on your child’s. If your own needs are being ignored you won’t feel happy and fulfilled.

Being at the heart of the family, whether you feel good or bad about yourself, directly affects your feelings and behaviour towards your family.  I can help you to identify and satisfy your own emotional and practical needs, to feel valued and fulfilled. This is important because it means the whole family can benefit from you being happier.

No-one tells you how difficult being a mum can be. If you’re struggling, I may or may not be the right person for you at the moment. If you decide not to call me please talk to your midwife or GP.